About us

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The Metal Marauders are a New Jersey based FIRST Robotics team. We are a group of highly motivated individuals with similar interests in science and mathematics. As a team, our focus is providing young children with a new impression of robotics and what it entails. This has involved reaching out to the local Boy Scouts troop and the GRO students in our community. Many have a skewed understanding of robotics, shaped by movies and video games. We attempt to rid them of these false assumptions, and provide them of a more realistic comprehension of robotics. When it comes to the competition, the Metal Marauders work diligently throughout the year in order to perfect the design of our robot. We prototype every single mechanism we build, and are constantly modifying the devices on the robot. After competitions, we review our new additions and decide on what worked well and what needs improvement. Our participation in FIRST has brought us closer together and has taught us to collaborate in order to achieve success.